Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is Ethical Internet Marketing Dead And Buried

Internet marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is literally thousands of marketers in just about every niche imaginable. From making money online to self-improvement, someone is selling and someone is buying. Bank accounts are being filled and emptied in the pursuit of online success. But is it all ethical? Unfortunately no. There is a distinct difference between prudent and questionable marketers and this mismatch is the subject of this article.

Ethical marketers act with honesty and integrity. They tell you the truth, even if it's not what you want to hear. Sometimes the truth is disheartening. False dreams can easily be built with a well organised sales letter or video. They can soon be destroyed when you realise you've wasted your time and money on an inferior product. A good marketer will steer clear of these products.

Marketers with morals recommend products that will enhance your learning and your business. They will have reviewed or tested a product to make sure it actually works. They promote products with honesty and sincerity and don't make false claims about the results you are likely to get from using the product. Your best interests is their focus.

Marketers worth their salt reply to your questions and queries, no matter how small. This is what sets them apart from the pack. Some set up dedicated support desks whereas others do it themselves. Regardless of how ethical marketers communicate, the fact is they do. And they do it on time. You are not left wondering, "Did they get my email?" They sincerely want to help as many people as they can. Making money is a by-product of this.

Rule breaking is not part of an ethical marketer's profile. Why? Because they know that by breaking the rules they will eventually lose their business. They practice what they preach. Word of poor performance travels fast, especially on the internet. Upsetting the search engines by employing questionable tactics or breaching compliance laws is a guaranteed way to end your business. That's why the good guys play by the rules.

In contrast, unethical marketers are the complete opposite. As with anything in life, there is good and bad and internet marketing is no different. Marketers to be wary of will recommend any product. Benefits to you are not an issue. They will keep pushing inferior products with little regard to quality. Generally, their refund rates are high because they haven't taken the time to research the products they are selling. To them, it's all about the dollar.

These marketers are vague and evasive. If you've ever come across someone like this, you'll know what I mean. You send countless emails and get no replies. Or, if they do reply to you, the answers you receive are vague and with little or no explanation. This makes it difficult to get good service.

Questionable marketers view rules as guidance and readily don't follow them. Not the sort of role model you want to follow if you want to build a viable business. If you have experienced this type of marketer then you are not alone. It is unfortunate but it can be avoided.

So is ethical marketing finished? The answer is a resounding no! Most marketers do the right thing. There are lots of them providing great value and changing people's lives for the better. If you dig a little you will find them.