Thursday, February 2, 2012

Internet Marketing Principle Series: Earn While You Learn (Internet Lifestyle Training)

Those familiar with my writing and mission know that I swear by the potential for wealth creation and personal and financial freedom through Internet marketing. Among the many reasons and virtues is the ability to be profitable, earning money, WHILE, you learn the ropes of Internet marketing.

Key factors in a profitable Internet marketing business model, are copywriting, sale funnel, complete with upsells, backend sales and customer retention products and residual income components as well as passive income streams and the ever important marketing system. Finding the training and system with high converting marketing tools is crucial to beating the Internet marketing learning curve.

To hammer home THE key features, sales funnel, residual and passive income. A truly successful Internet Marketing business, works to put highly targeted prospects into a welled planned sales funnel with highly relevant products and services which are drip fed to those actually NEEDING these products and services. The fact that your products are ethical, practical, profitable and 100% feasible, gives you high conversion and retention. The issue of residual income only makes sense. Once a satisfied customer is acquired, recurring payments is efficient for both parties. The 3rd and final criteria is passive income, usually sub-affiliates or 2 and 3 tier royalties on products and services.

But no matter what system you are involved in or stage in your Internet marketing business, quick implementation of the training and skills being acquired is highly advised. If you are studying or training copywriting or article promotion then WRITE, start promoting with the written word NOW. Remember you are always promoting, and testing results, don't sweat the trials and copy that doesn't convert. Do your research and adjust and adapt.

One mindset gem is "succeed by copying the successful" The "earn while you learn" is a popular theme and selling point of many marketing systems, so due diligence is advised. We can expect to pay 3 to 4 thousand for start up and training, and 100 in Internet marketing tools a month. Make sure the system or mentor you choose, has achieved the exact success you have set as your financial and lifestyle goals.

But unlike brick and mortar businesses, the Internet based business can, if done correctly and especially Information marketing and digital product fulfillment can be in profit very quickly.

The only true secret of success is to take action. Success can only happen by action. Take it, fearlessly, your learning. Believe me, no matter how good someone thinks they are, they can always learn something, oh and remember, everything will be alright in the end, so if it is not all right now, then this is not the end. Go make your success!

Terry Tiessen is an Internet Marketing, SEO and MLM Consultant and Internet Lifestyle Advocate. Internet Marketing And SEO are being adapted very successfully to the MLM and Network Marketing business models along with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing,Networking and Relationship Marketing to Gain Customers, Leads And Prospects and Instant Cash Flow. Find Out How To Create Instant Cash And Endless Leads With The MLM Success Blueprint